It has never been so easy to learn a skill that makes you cool cash from home...

Become A Money-Making Pro Bag Designer

Make high-quality bags from scratch in the 5-week Advanced online Bag-making class (Certificates will be issued)

What is better than waiting for an income that is not sure?

Making whatever amount of money you want by yourself

To put it simply, it is time to be your own boss!

Now, action-takers have decided to be their own bosses, earning enough money in the comfort of wherever by making premium quality bags everybody wants to buy. It wasn’t always like this…

Before they become professional bag designer trained by TobiStylx (formerly Mcie Fashion), they:

  • Found it hard to feed themselves because they were so broke
  • Had no money to pay their kid’s school fees
  • Were unable to live the life of their dreams
  • Had no skill that could make them money
  • Didn’t have experience as bag designers
  • Were in debt, struggling to pay off with their salaries
  • Were frustrated because when they hear “please, I need…”, even before the question ends, they always said “I don’t have money…”

But now, they are living better!!!

You too can stop being broke, learn a valuable skill, produce high-quality products and make cool cash!

You can be your own boss today!

Good News!

You can become a money-making breathing machine…

By designing pro bag that look so foreign by yourself (without doing mini-importation), and selling them at valuable prices.

In this 5-weeks Intensive Online Masterclass, you will learn my how to make bags that sell!

You’ll be taught how to make bags to perfection, through a series of intensive video courses, theoretical lectures, question and answer session, and one-on-one work assessment with me.

You’ll learn how to make these NINE DESIGNS of bags

Certificates will be issued!

But that’s not all…

I’m throwing in 6 bonus packages worth N150,000 for FREE!!

1. Photography Class (N40,000)

How to snap your bags in the most attention-grabbing way your customer can’t resist buying.

2. Product Marketing (N25,000) 

How to price your products, where and how to market them online- using free and paid ads that get a positive return on investment (ROI)

3. Hand-Sewing Lesson (N10,000)

How to hand-stitch leather materials you want, and make valuable top-notch products that attract premium prices.

4.Pattern Designing (N25,000) 

How to create top-notch and fast selling patterns for bags.

5. Mentorship (N50,000)

You will have access to me to answer all your questions concerning everything bag. you will also have access to my other past students for support.

So, course value + bonuses = N50,000 + N150,000 

Value: N200,000

Join the masterclass today for only N14,500



Akomolafe Oluwatobi Mercy

Zenith Bank


I’m a passionate bag designer, and the founder of TobiStylx Fashion Brand, formerly Mcie Fashion. I’ve taught over 4,000 students through organized free trainings and my paid masterclass. I’ve helped them build successful bag making businesses to put a stop to poverty, hunger, joblessness and impact the world with our skills.

I started TobiStylx, a Bag Fashion Brand that provides beautiful and easy-to-understand patterns to help sewists create stylish bags without stress.

I’m also the admin of the Facebook group, “Stylish Bag Patterns”. A community of sewists from all over the world who gather to discuss bag patterns and hacks to sew bags better.

TobiStylx (Formerly Mcie Fashion) Student Projects

Are you convinced or you need more?

Value: N200,000

Join the masterclass today for only N14,500



Akomolafe Oluwatobi Mercy

Zenith Bank

What My Students Are Saying...

You are getting an opportunity of a lifetime to become a professional bag designer

Certificates will be issued!



This 5-week intensive training will be in a closed Telegram group. So, It’s best you get the app if you don’t already have it.

We will have our training session in a  closed Telegram group. After payment, you will receive a link to join directly. You will learn through video courses, theoretical lectures, Q&As, and one-on-one online assessment of your work by me.

I’ve taught over 70 students in this masterclass, and over 4000 people in general. This course worked perfectly for them. I believe it will work for you too.

I specifically teach “handsewing” for those without machines and because of some bag designs that are best handstitched. Many of my students who didn’t have sewing machines in the beginning, by selling quality products they learnt how to make, now have theirs.

Asides learning how to sew bags professionally, I teach product marketing and photography as bonus courses. My students outsell their competitors. If you follow the processes I reveal in this masterclass, you will make not less than 2x the amount you paid from your first month of selling.

You’ll get lifetime access to courses you’ll learn. I make it easy for my students to learn at their own pace after general teachings and work assessment.

Most of my students couldn’t even turn sewing machine wheels before they started. After about a week into the course, they were already crafting wonders. Some were even getting clients by that time.

Even if you’ve never made a single bag prior to this course, you will learn how to make bags that wow your waiting customers.

                   Value: N200,000

Join the masterclass today for only N14,500



Akomolafe Oluwatobi Mercy

Zenith Bank


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